VAICO- engine & transmission parts by VIEROL

The engine and transmission are the core components of the automobile. The quality brand VAICO has earned a well-known brand name within the global independent aftermarket in these complex product areas.

With more than 19,000 quality products of over 150 different product groups, VAICO offers a wide range of high quality spare parts for timely, cost-effective maintenance. We are flexible, innovative and foresighted.


As a trusted partner of our wholesale partners' workshop customers, we develop repair solutions following the theme of Expert Kits +, among others for crankcase ventilation, transmission filters, service filters, and much more.

We continuously invest in improving our logistics processes, and guarantee access to technical information as well as availability of our VAICO quality products via - around the clock. High resolution, detailed product images in 360 degree perspective allow accurate identification of product characteristics.

engine & transmission parts by VIEROL

Top quality to guarantee your satisfaction!

We are flexible, dynamic and foresighted. As your trusted partner we develop repair solutions for the independent aftermarket, and analyse repair requirements for registered vehicles via country-specific databases.

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Our core product groups

  • Querlenker

    Track control arms

    • Maximum tensile and fatigue strength via ultra-high temperature steel and aluminium in accordance with the OE standard
    • A sustainable electrocoat promises up to 10 years of corrosion protection
    • A neoprene collar ensures maximum protection of the ball joint
  • Gummi-Metall


    • High durability via a steadily improved vulcanization process and modified rubber mixture
    • Optimum driving comfort thanks to hydraulically damped mounts
    • An electrically switchable hydraulic mount is in the latest generation of engine mounts
  • Riementrieb

    Belt drive

    • Long service life via a high-quality elastomer metal compound and Teflon mounting
    • Additional damping elements for stabilising synchronous operation
    • Repair kits, including mounting screws in German OEM quality
  • Betriebsstoffe

    Oils & Chemicals

    • Targeted additives guarantee optimum lubrication
    • Approved by OE manufacturer standards
    • Delivery in original Mauser containers with leak-proof induction seal
  • Bremse


    • ECE R90 certified brake pads
    • Mounting kits consisting of disc and pad for the most popular vehicles
    • Scorched brake pads guarantee optimal braking performance in the new condition
  • Kühlung


    • Quick connectors of the radiator hoses in German OEM quality
    • Ultrasonic welding technology ensures temperature and pressure resistance in compensation tanks
    • Water pumps with integrated paddle wheels meeting the OE standard
  • Filter


    • More than 40 innovative filter kits with the components necessary for inspection
    • High capacity, ideal separation performance and resistance to humidity guarantee optimal protection
    • High-quality material made of polyester fleece and filter paper integrated with cellulose fibers
  • Expert Kits +

    Expert Kits +

    • Repair kits specially assembled by practitioners for workshop requirements (e.g. rear wiper arms consisting of arm, wiper blade, and cap; window regulators including mounting plate; assortment case with the common fasteners)
    • Time savings in parts identification and procurement
    • Increased value and increase in earnings via more professional, timely, and cost-effective repair

Experience our products

We regularly present the technical highlights of our VAICO quality brand at international trade fairs. Here visitors can have fun as they experience driving our F1 simulator on the virtual Hockenheimring and enjoy a high-quality product presentation in our American Freightliner show truck.

You can find information about other fairs here.

Top quality to guarantee your satisfaction!

This label identifies high-quality OEM parts from international OE-manufacturers who directly or indirectly supply car manufacturers.

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